About Purfe

Purfe began in 2012 by self-taught designer, artist and illustrator Olga Kashubin who dreamed of bringing original and practical clothing to the fashion lovers. Based in Sydney, Australia, Purfe has selected range of unique designs lovingly created with highest attention to details. Beautiful and elegant, Purfe’s items are inspiring and fresh. Most important of all, you are guaranteed to make stunning impression with Purfe’s exclusivity. Most of the items are made in few samples only.

The designer: Olga Kashubin

Born in Russia, Olga moved to Australia after completing tertiary studies in history and having a successful career as national sales manager. Looking forward to pursue her dreams she dedicated next few years on educating herself on the history of fashion design. Starting from early 19th century with the first of the fashion houses set up in Paris by Charles Frederick Worth through to the times of Christian Dior and Coco Chanel not a detail was missed. After hundreds of books and materials gone through she developed in-depth understanding of the fashion design and formed her artistic style. Now using latest technologies with the help of computer modelling she is able to get best of the both worlds and create unique designs that look great and are pleasure to wear.

“I think of a fashion design as my life filled with inspiration, creative notions and as a move towards ultimate perfection. My passion is to create clothing that is stunning visually, uses sustainable and natural fabrics, that is affordable and that anyone would love to wear,” says Olga.